Vipassana Information ~ Video and Audio Recordings

Vipassana in the Northwest - The Early Days

Sweet Work - The Value of Service

A sweet tale of why volunteering during a service period at the Northwest Vipassana Center is so special. Anyone who who has taken a ten day Vipassana course can go to the center to serve as a volunteer. Visit the Dhamma Kunja service page for more information.

Radio interview with Vipassana students

This 27-minute radio program was produced by a Northwest area Vipassana student, and aired on radio station KBOO in Portland, OR in October 2011. Four Vipassana students talk about their experiences with meditation and how it has impacted their lives, and about children’s courses and other special events at the Northwest Vipassana Center.

Practicing Vipassana: Meditator Experiences

Below is a short video that consists of a series of interviews with Vipassana students. They talk about how they first came to a Vipassana course, and what the practice of Vipassana has meant to them in their lives. The interviews were conducted with students from various countries and were recorded at the Italian Vipassana Centre.